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Orenburg Regional Museum of Fine Arts,  was founded in 1960 and opened in 1961. Museum is located in a building dating back to the beginning of XIX century and was designed by the architect Michael Malakhov for the City Council. The basis of the museum's collection is the collection of academician of painting, one of the most interesting representatives of the late Peredvizhnichestvo Lukian Vasilievich Popov (1873-1914), who was born and worked for many years in Orenburg.

The museum is housing works of ancient, Russian, Soviet and Western European art from the end of the XVI century to the present, including painting, drawing, sculpture, arts and crafts. Russian art of the XIX century is represented by various genres, mostly scenery. Among the works there are masterpieces of Ivan Aivazovsky, L.F. Lagorio, A.K. Savrasova N. Dubovsky, Vladimir Makovsky, Polenov, F.A . Malyavina and others.

The main concept of the museum – is a reflection of art life of the region within the context of Russian national culture. The works of Orenburg painters take a significant place in the collection one way or another connected with the local history and culture.

Over the past two decades, an interesting collection of naive painting artists appeared in the museum, and  S.G. Stepanov –one of the naïve painters  -was introduced to the world encyclopedia of naive art.

The Museum of Fine Arts presents almost all arts and crafts of the Ural region, among them there is a unique collection of world-famous Orenburg downy shawls (shawls and delicate webs).

The museum carries out an active collecting, research and promotional activities, organizes a wide range of exhibitions, scientific readings, lectures, museum "Monday" and is now one of the most significant cultural centers of the city and the region.

Orenburg Regional Museum of Fine Arts provides guided tours to the permanent and temporary exhibitions. Halls of L. Popov and expositions of Russian arts and crafts always attract the audience.

In 2012, the museum opened the Central exhibition hall and a unique Show gallery "Orenburg shawl."


Our address:

Orenburg Regional Museum of Fine Arts (main building) - lane. Kashirina, 29, tel.: 8 (3532) 78-3842

Central Exhibition Hall - st. Volodarskogo, 13, tel.: 8 (3532) 30.06.77

Gallery "Orenburg shawl" - st. Volodarskogo, 13, tel.: 8 (3532) 77-23-93



Yuriy E. Komlev  

Museum director        

Ph.D., Doctor of Cultural Studies, Associate Professor                          

tel.: +7 (3532) 78-38-42                                E-mail: kult56@yandex.ru


Lidia S. Medvedev                           

Honored Worker of Culture, Member of Artists of Russia.  Director of Research                              tel.: +7 (3532) 77-64-83




Central exhibition hall of the Orenburg Regional Museum of Fine Arts

Address: Orenburg, ul. Volodarskogo 13

Opening hours: from 10.00 to 18.00, day off – Monday, Tuesday

The first Wednesday of each month - the exposition is open until 21.00 (admission until 20.30)

Tickets: Adults - 50 rubles; Students - 30 rubles; Children - 25 rubles; pensioner - 25 rubles.


Gallery "Orenburg shawl"

Str. Volodarskogo 13

Opening hours: from 10.00 to 18.00

On the third Wednesday of the month - the exposition is open until 21.00 (admission until 20.30)

Closed: Monday, Tuesday

tel.: 8 (3532) 77-23-93


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